Welcome to Tjerk’s Tech Blog!

Welcome to my tech blog. In this blog I will discuss anything related to computer science. I will try to keep a objective viewpoint and discuss disadvantages and advantages of different approaches. It is important to keep an academic view on subjects and I will try to give a high level summary about each subject. If a specific technology is discussed it should be put into a proper context.

The general subjects I am thinking about now are:

  • Software Architecture
  • Programming Languages
  • Mobile Development / Networking
  • Relation between Software and Mathematics

I only will place an article about a specific subjects that are:

  • Subjects that are in the news
  • Subjects that i am excited about
  • Subjects that i am working on
  • Subjects about things i think every Software Engineer should now.

It is not my intention to tell the one-and-only truth. I will only try to give my own opinion on matters, of course I will back this up by arguments and references to great resources. I encourage people to challenge my views and give constructive remarks to improve my articles!

So again, welcome to my blog.

Tjerk Wolterink


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